Don’t Let Stage Fright Sabotage
Your Next Performance or Audition

Goodbye Butterflies helps…



other performers


Stage fright beats out heights, snakes
& even death to rank as people’s top fear


Percentage of professional musicians who
reported suffering from significant stage fright

Hi, I’m Dr. David Lee Fish

Do you struggle with stage fright when you perform in public? Is it undermining you & making the spotlight unenjoyable?

I know how you feel. I’ve been there myself and have helped many fellow performers with the anxiety you experience in front of an audience. Trust me to show you the way beyond your nervousness in just a few days.

How Bad is Your Stage Fright, Anyway?

The symptoms of stage fright can be distressing, but is your nervousness actually holding you back as a performer? Find out in just 3 minutes by answering a few simple, multiple-choice questions.

You’ll have a better understanding how much of a genuine problem stage fright is for you.


Goodbye Butterflies transformed my stage fright. It's given me an outlet to channel the adrenaline and stay in control of my nerves! Being confident in your stage presence makes you feel unstoppable! I'm sad that I spent so many years letting stage fright make my voice shake and personality disappear. Make sure to check out the 'cuppa' exercise. You can thank me later!Maddie A. (singer/songwriter & American Idol contestant)
When you're 18 year old twin sisters from Florida and trying to crack the shell of Nashville, it's easy to feel intimidated. Goodbye Butterflies is a life-changer, driving the confidence & energy we need to deliver our sound, our dreams, and our art to our audiences! Thanks Dr. Fish. You ROCK!!!Devin & Alex Bradbury - 2 Miles South (country recording artists)
Goodbye Butterflies is an essential weapon in the arsenal of any serious performer and anyone else whose career depends on persuading, entertaining, or motivating others. And that's EVERYONE! Dr. Fish is revolutionizing entertainment & public speaking. What Dale Carnegie is to "winning friends & influencing people," he is to performance. DO THIS!!!"Pat O'Connor (artist manager & CEO - POC Media, Inc.)

Video Introduction

Got two minutes? Here’s a short video that explains what Goodbye Butterflies is all about.

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